Southpac first brought innovative

global wealth planning solutions to

the market in 1982. Since then

Southpac have been connecting high

net worth individuals and their

families with global products,

services and opportunities to help

preserve their legacy.


The Cook Islands is widely recognised as the leading asset protection jurisdiction for international trust structures and provides extremely favourable conditions for companies and foundations. Over 35 years ago Southpac worked with leading attorneys to develop the legislation which ensures the Cook Islands offers the gold standard in asset protection. Clients seeking high-level protection in a politically stable but geographically remote jurisdiction should consider the Cook Islands as the ideal place for their trust.

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Southpac’s methodology and standards have become the benchmarks in leading international financial centres. We work with the best asset protection specialists in the most well regulated markets across the world. With decades of shared experiences within a trusted network of global professionals we meet the needs of sophisticated investors.

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